WordPress, The Pros & Cons

WordPress is probably the most widely known website building platform on the Internet right now. This is what leads many companies to use the platform when they want to build a new website. Is it always the best option, though? And what are the tangible pros and cons of using it? Read on to find out now.

What Makes WordPress Unique?

WordPress can be used for almost any on-line task. Whether you want to create an online shop, a business website or a news website, it can offer a solution. Its focus and capability at handling corporate tasks is probably what makes the website stand out more than anything else. More about the pros and cons of the platform can be found below.

The Pros

The ease of access and intuitive posting mechanism make it simple to get to grips with WordPress and make use of it straight away. Even if you have never used WordPress before, it won’t take you very long to get started and get used to it. You can make changes to your website very easily, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You just need to log on, whether it’s on a computer or mobile device, and start to make the changes you want to make. There is nothing more complicated to it than that. This can be said for many of WordPress’s rivals.

It’s also very easy to analyze the performance of the content on your website. All the data you could possibly need is made readily available to you. Without doing much at all, you will be able to browse views, comments, shares and everything else that matters to you when you’re running a website. The engagement of users can be managed well too, so you can delete comments very easily if something is posted that you don’t want to appear on the website. Having that level of control can be very important.

The Cons

There are some cons that come with using WordPress to build your website. First of all, security levels are not as high as on other platforms. So, you might have to put more of your own security measures in place if you want to ensure that your website is going to be 100% secure for your company and the people using it. If you’re prepared to do this, it shouldn’t be a major issue for you. But if you’re a website security novice, not having the best security support might be a problem.

You will need to get an up to date and high-quality hosting plan in place when you start using the platform. This is just one of the requirements that come with using WordPress properly, and it might mean having to spend a little bit more money. The engine on WordPress is not suited to lots of heavy content either. If you want to post lots of videos and content like that, you might experience some problems at some point down the line. Other options might be better suited to your needs if that’s what you’re looking for.

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