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4 Elements of a Successful Press Release

Writing a successful press release isn’t easy. There are lots of things that need to be included in it, and you won’t get far if you don’t understand the importance of a few key must-haves. Press releases are used to inform the press about a new product, service or event that your business is responsible for. You want reporters to write about it in order to generate some public interest and excitement around what the business is up to. Here are four important elements that will help you create a successful press release.

1. A Newsworthy Subject

First of all, you will need to make sure that the subject of your press release is interesting and newsworthy. Remember, the aim of your press release is to get publicity and coverage for your announcement. If the thing that you are announcing is boring and doesn’t grab anyone’s attention, you’ll never get the level of coverage that you want. Not every bit of news coming from your business needs its own press release. They should be saved for announcements that are really significant for the business. You also need to word them in a way that makes them sound even more exciting and significant.

2. A Headline That’s Impossible to Ignore

The formatting for your press releases headline should be as follows. It should be centered on the page, at the top. It also needs to be in bold and capitals. Now you need to think about writing your headline. It has to be able to grab the reporter’s attention and impossible for them to ignore. It should be succinct and to the point. This is key because it helps the reader understand what the press release is all about straight away. Underneath the headline, there is a subtitle that will expand on the information given in the headline.

3. Key Features of Your New Product, Service or Event

When you’re writing a press release, you need to include all the information that matters. If you are releasing a new product, you need to make it very clear what the product will do and why customers should be interested in it. The same applies to any service and event that you are launching. If the key features and important details are not included, the reported might not be interested in writing about it and offering you coverage. It’s also a good idea to include some contact details on the press release so reporters can ask any further questions they have.


Quotes are often included in press releases, but why is that? When the director or CEO of a company says something, people want to hear it. So, having their authoritative voice on the press release can help a lot. When reporters are writing stories, they often need direct quotes. It could also be a good idea to get quotes from customers who have tried the product already. These can be great for the business if they are included in any news coverage you get.

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