Social Signals

What is a Social Signal?

You may have heard the term ‘social signal‘, but what exactly is it, and how important are they to your SEO services plan? Let’s think about something for a second. We often look for recommendations for people on our social networks, don’t we? This might be a purchase you’re thinking of making or even a personal issue you’re having trouble with. We do this so we can get a few different points of view from a variety of parties and then feel able to make the best decision to act on. In light of the search engines, this sort of recommendation is called a social signal. These social signals are based on your recommendations through things like ”likes”, tweets, and Google +. If you want to know more about social signals and how they can increase your ranking, read on.

What Are Social Signals?

A social signal is like a vote that you give to things with your likes, tweets, and so on. You don’t have to be a significant influence or famous blogger to make an impact on your social signals. Anybody who uses social media, even an ”average” social media user, has their recommendations counted. Your vote always counts. Your friend’s suggestions and the opinions of other people in your network count too. We’re all giving social signals all the time! But how do social signals affect your ranking?

How Social Signals Affect Your Ranking

The answer to this question isn’t always plain and simple. Social signals can have an indirect effect on your site ranking. Social signals drive engagement to your site. This means more outbound links to you, helping you to build a better backlink profile. You’ll also have better visibility, a lower bounce rate, and more repeat visitors to your site. All of these things make a difference to your organic search ranking and can help you to rank higher in the search engines.

Social sharing is one of the fundamentals of a successful SEO strategy, so aligning your content with your target audience is crucial if you want to get those useful social signals.

Here are the highlights on how social signals can affect your ranking in the search engines:
• Amplify your message and encourage content distribution.
• Better visibility.
• Make your visitors come back to your excellent content.
• Build a better backlink profile.
• Lower bounce rate.
All of these things can also help to grow your business by helping you to secure more sales.

What does this mean for you? That a robust social media marketing strategy is crucial to your success. Doing this yourself isn’t usually possible, as you’re already super busy with the way you run things now. That’s why Allshouse Designs offer a social media marketing service with their website management service. You get a group of professionals who get to know your business inside out, take control of your social media platforms, and utilize them in the best way possible. Get in touch with Allshouse Designs today to discuss your needs and get more information!

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