out with the old

Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the old, in with the new. Yes, it is 23 days into 2017 and we are starting the year out right so far. To start we have made a few important changes to our website.

The First Project

The first project was to integrate our blog into our official website. Basically, our Blog has been living on a WordPress platform. One of the reasons of having the blog on a WordPress platform was to have an additional URL that points to our main website. If you do not know all ready that is called a back-link.

The search engines will reward your site if you have back-links to it. After much experimenting, we found that it is better to have a blog integrated into our main website. As you can see we have change the name of our blog to News & Updates. As usual we will be sticking to our plan to share information about what we are doing and tips on how to design a solid Digital Marketing plan. We are still going to keep our old blog up, but we will not be updating it any longer. You can find it at “Internet Marketing with Allshouse Designs”.

The Major Change

The second major change involves security. Our website now has a SSL certificate along with some other security features. Once we made the security changes we bench tested the website on Qualys SSL Labs website and scored an A rating. You can go there too, it is free to test your website.

We all feel better that the contact information used in the request a call back form is now encrypted. It is also common knowledge that all the major search engines will rank a website with a SSL certificate higher. It was a bit of a chore and some cash, but it is all worth it. Along with the SSL certificate. We created a privacy policy for our website users. It basically states what we do with user’s contact information that is submitted into our request for a call back form and that we are running Google Analytics in the background. This is standard privacy stuff and nothing unusual. I would like to add and state that we are proud that we will never run any ads on our website nor sell any contact information that is submitted through any form on allshousedesigns.com.

The Wrap Up

As you may already know. We provide logo design, website design and social media marketing services. We are always working on new services to provide to our community. The new service to be is in its infant stage right now. Today is the first day that it is running on our website. It is basically a new digital marketing program that we will be offering in three months. The mission of the service is to dramatically increase our web presence in the next three months. After the three months, we plan to share the results.

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