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Why We Love Google My Business Help (and you should, too!)

Google My Business help is available to get you started with Google’s best business listing directory tool. We love this tool and that is why we have come up with a great solution. You want this solution to be sure you are verified with the most important search engine in the world. Did you know over 80% of internet users use Google to find a solution to their problem? Allshouse Designs will help you get started with your listing today. Read on so that you know a few great tips for your business listing.

Why Google My Business help is necessary?

Below are four helpful tips to a successful profile.

  1. Proper keyword phrases
    Did you know that you can increase your online visibility by re-searching how your market finds your business? So go find the proper key phrase that works for your industry. Once you have the perfect phrase you must elegantly plug it throughout your profile.
  2. Proper call to action
    We see a lot of accounts that do not have a proper call to action. A Call to action is the key to entice users to contact you. Our proven concepts will help build a good click through rate (CTR) that in the end give you a better chance of turning a prospect into a customer.
  3. Proper listing maintenance
    You can now post new information to your account and to the web page that comes with your profile. We recommend that you post at least once a week. Think about what your market would like to know about your business and post it. Don’t forget to link a landing page to each post.
  4. Get five-star reviews
    Reviews are very important for your business. A good review will increase sales and your search engine rankings. Having a positive experience with a client? Ask them for a review!

You will be very successful with your listing if you utilize these four helpful hints. A successful listing will bring more business your way and that is why we love it so much. If we love it, you need to love it as well. Like we said above, we are here to help.

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Our solution

A handful of  successful account profiles in our local area have been built by us. Let us build your profile to give you a strategy so that you can successfully maintain it. This method makes it so that you have to pay a one time flat fee. That’s right, if you have sales content and a logo, we will be able to complete a profile in one week.  If we must create sales content and a logo, it will take two weeks. The two week deal will be a charge of $350 per listing. The one week deal will be a charge of $150 per listing.

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