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Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds | Spunkstore LLC Explains

The benefits of pumpkin seeds is straight up awesome

The benefits of pumpkin seeds are true because they are incredibly nutritious. Yes! They are full of healthy fats, and are considered to be “nutritional powerhouses”! With a plethora of different nutrients including magnesium, zinc, antioxidants 7 and grams of protein in each serving… You can’t go wrong.

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Spunks have enhanced pumpkin seeds’ incredible dietary value. By adding their own taste to the product to produce a truly unique food with plenty of existing dedicated fans. With their new expansion and offerings, Spunks quality reputation looks set to grow and grow.

Dedication to sensational taste

Spunks have always been prepared to go the extra mile for their customers. A practice they have continued with the website and shipping options. Over the 7 years that Spunks have been producing their pumpkin seeds. The company has traveled over 4,000 miles to survey customers and spread the word about the healthy benefits of pumpkin seeds.

This mission has been effective, too. As well as their online store, Spunks can be bought in a number of US states, including Washington, Idaho, Texas, Montana, and more. Check out a full list of retailers on

Spunks are sold in convenient 5oz and 2oz bags, so they’re a great, nutritious seeds. But that’s not the end to what these beneficial seeds can be used for. Customers have found that Spunks are perfect for livening up a soup or salad, and the company encourages their customers to continue experimenting with recipe ideas. It is amazing what the benefit are for pumpkin seeds.

Learn more about Spunks

Spunks, the company, are named from a clever portmanteau. Pumpkin seeds are known to some as “punks”, and the “punks” that Spunks produce are “spicy”. So what better brand name for the company than a product that makes it clear what they sell? Spicy punks: Spunks.

The “spicy” element of their name is what makes Spunks pumpkin seeds so special. Spunks roast their pumpkin seeds right in their home state, and then flavor them with one of their unique blends. Their most popular flavors include Siracha Kick and Original Cajun Kick, both of which enhance the earthy, almost sweet taste of the pumpkin seeds themselves and live up to Spunks“pumpkin seeds with a kick!” tagline. Other options include Sea Salt; Garlic Pepper; and the not-for-the-faint-hearted Extra Cajun, so customers can always find something that suits their exact taste preference.

Allshouse Designs fully backs SpunkstoreLLC. They truly have made a 5 star product!

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