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Why Digital Marketing Is Important And Crucial for Small Business Success

Why digital marketing? Being online as a business used to be a novelty. Something that was interesting, different, but in the early days of the Internet also often impractical and possibly not that useful. But those days are long gone. If you want to thrive in today’s marketplace, you need to have a solid online presence.

That means investing in an excellent digital marketing program.

So why do actual brick-and-mortar businesses need some solid online marketers on their side? Glad you asked!

New Customers Look Online First

There are a few varying numbers, but the lowest number for what percentage of people look online first when looking for a service or business is 80%. Most agree that the actual number is likely closer to 90%.

Who gets first shot at 80% of all customers? Whoever shows up in front of their eyes online. This is why digital marketing is necessary and vital to win. It’s your first impression you get to make with a customer.

Even for old-school business owners, this online presence is essential. You don’t get a chance for the firm handshake and eye contact if you can’t make a good first impression with a website or good social media presence first.

Your Competition Is Doing It

If you’re still wondering why digital marketing is so important, look at your competition in most cities or locations with multiple businesses serving the same space. If you’re not at the top of Google search or local social media ad spaces, your competition is.

That means while you struggle with other non-digital marketers for the crumbs that are left. Your competitors with the best online presence are cleaning up with the most available work—and possibly doing it unopposed.

So what if your competition isn’t taking advantage of digital marketing?

Then you should invest. Not sure where to start? Thinking it is a waste of time and money?  Right now, a good chunk of their traffic and business is right there for the taking. Suppose no one in your field has a robust online presence. You’ll be the first company that wins that space will win the lion’s share of the potential business that is available.

With a team of skilled and experienced online marketers at your beck and call, it could be your business at the top of everyone’s local online search.

Why Digital Marketing Works for You 24/7

An excellent digital campaign can do something that even the most dedicated and hard-working individuals can’t: it works 24/7. An online campaign is there to answer questions, entice customers, and get your message out any hour of the day or night. Even when you’re sleeping, a good online campaign can win you over future customers looking for your goods or services right now.

Being online also means you can reach potential customers who don’t currently know about your business. An excellent digital marketing campaign will help make sure that you get a serious return on your investment. Just slapping up a website isn’t going to do it; you need to know how to run a campaign that will get attention.

Digital marketing isn’t optional in today’s competitive business world. A good campaign that lets you stick out from the crowd is necessary if you’re going to thrive, and in some areas, that’s just the bare minimum to get by – so don’t fall behind with the times!

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