Proper Use of a Call to Action

Proper Use of a Call to Action

What is a call to action?

In this post, we’re going to talk about the call to action and how it should be used on a website. For those that don’t know, a call to action is a button on your site that provokes users to complete the desired action. It could be a phrase like ‘Start a free trial now!’ that links the user to an action page. They click on your call to action and get taken to another place on your site where they can complete said action, and do what you wanted them to do.

It sounds like a simple thing, but a call to action can easily go wrong. There are certain tips you should follow if you want to do them properly, and get more people clicking on your link. Below, you will find all the advice you need for the proper use of a call to action on a website:

When Creating a Call To Action, Think About the Words You Use

If you’re trying to get someone to click on your call to action link, then you need to be very persuasive with the words you use. Your text should include words that are provocative and get people interested in the action. A good example of this is a site that wants people to pre-order a copy of a new book. They wouldn’t use a phrase like ‘click here to pre-order a new book.’ Instead, they’d use better language like ‘Reserve your copy today!’ It’s more action-packed and gets people interested.

Text Size Is Important

The size of the text on your button is also very important. It needs to stand out and be noticeable, without being too much. Make your text fit your button, but ensure it doesn’t drag on too much. You don’t want to have a full paragraph on your call to action button. A few words are all you need, and they must be clearly visible. This attracts people’s attention, and makes it more likely that they’ll click the button.

Take Colors into Account

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider is the color of your button. The key to proper call to action use is coloring your button in a way that stands out. There are certain colors that have proven to be more successful in provoking clicks. Green buttons are very popular, as green is usually related to a positive action – most people see green and think green means go. In most cases, the color will depend on your website. If you have a green background, then a green button just isn’t going to work for you. Think about what color will contrast with your website and stand out the most. Your aim is to pick a color that grabs someone’s attention almost before they finish reading the rest of the text on the page.

By using the advice in this article, you can start using a call to action properly. In doing so, you’ll see much better results and get more people clicking on your button. This will help you achieve your goals and move your business in the right direction. If you are still having issues with no one clicking your button. Contact us today and we will help make that button work for you.

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