Mission Statement

How to Create a Mission Statement

If your business doesn’t already have a mission statement, now is the time to change that. Read on to learn about the importance of mission statements and how to create a great one.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mission Statement?

The main reason to create a mission statement for your company relates to the fact that you need to determine the direction your business is going in. When you have your ambitions for the business written in the form of a mission statement, you can keep your eyes on the prize. You can keep working towards achieving the things that you are telling people you want to achieve. It can then shape your strategy and maintain focus over the long-term, which can only be positive.

Convey the Right Image of Your Business and Its Origins

When you write a mission statement, you are trying to convey a certain image of the company to customers. How do you want it to be seen? Why do you want to be in business in the first place? These are the things that you should consider. Your vision for the business’s future will have a direct impact on how people see the business and where it originally came from. A great mission statement can even make customers feel closer to your brand and more invested in it.

Make it Clear How Your Business Will Improve the Lives of Customers

The lives of your customers are what matter most. No mission statement is complete until the business’s customers are mentioned. You need to make it clear how your business, and the products it sells, will improve the lives of its customers. Your aims for the business should, at least in part, be tied to their happiness and satisfaction. After all, if your customers are not happy with the business and the direction it’s heading in, they won’t carry on buying from you.

Tell People Why Your Business is Different

It’s vital to differentiate your business from all the others out there. You can’t expect your business to go very far if you’re not willing to tell people why your business is different and better than its immediate competitors. When there are small differences at play, it’s really important to show people why your business is preferable to the other they might be considering. So, how your business is unique and different should be a part of your mission statement.

Revise It Regularly, Keeping it Up to Date and Sharp

Your mission statement can shift and change as the months and years pass by. Businesses are always in flux, and what they do can change for a variety of reasons. So, be sure to revise your mission statement regularly. That way, you can make sure that it’s always up to date and as sharp as it possibly can be. An out of date and irrelevant mission statement won’t help you to impress potential customers and clients, so don’t forget about this part of the ongoing process.

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