Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement


The follow document states the Terms of Service for the content generator service provided by Allshouse Designs. It is very important that the Terms of service are READ and FULLY UNDERSTOOD BEFORE PURCHASING the content generator service.



Once the person, payee or entity purchases the Content Generator Service utilizing the Paypal transaction service. The payee agrees to the following terms.



If the payee does not follow the Terms of Service Agreement. Allshouse Designs has the right to refuse service and will refund $85USD to the payee. Allshouse Designs will keep 14.99USD for processing the request of service.


Allshouse Designs will not write content about the following subjects:


  1. Products or services that have to do with the legal pornographic industry or any type of illegal pornographic behavior or material.
  2. Government or conspiracy theories.
  3. Racism, radicalism, sexism, hate crimes, hate speech, hate groups or any groups that support human racial genocide.
  4. Religious topics or views.


Allshouse Designs will not send Internet users to websites that support the subjects or topics stated above.


The service includes a 750-character magazine article with one free royalty free image. Once the content is published on the payee’s website. Allshouse Designs will send INTERNET users to the published content for one week.


There are no guarantees of boosting search engine rankings of payee’s website or the written content.


Once the payee purchases the service. Allshouse Designs will send an email to payee within 24 hours of receiving payment. The email will contain questions for the payee to answer. Once Allshouse Designs receive the answer to all the questions.  The article will take 3-10 business days to create. If there are any technical or human difficulties during the creation process the article may take longer then what has been stated in the previous sentence. Once the article is created. Allshouse Designs will send the document in a .txt file to the email that the payee submitted to Paypal.


Once the article is sent by Allshouse Designs. Allshouse Designs is not responsible for edits. All sales are final once payment has been received from payee. Partial refund will only be issued if Allshouse Designs feels that the term of service has not been met.


Contacting Us


If there are any questions regarding this terms of service, you may contact us at anytime.




Last Edited on 2017-11-20

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