Weekly Update 02-5-2017

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What a week for Allshouse Designs. Our mission to continue to create great usable content for our market is going well. We are happy to announce that our experimental digital marketing service is continuing to show promise. New users are continuing to visit our website every day. It feels good when ideas start to pan out.

We mentioned the start of the experiment in our post called “Out with the old in with New”. When we created that post we didn’t have much information to report. Now that it has been two weeks later we continue to gather data to see if the potential service for small business owners is worth it.

Now that we have completed the second week. We have found that focusing on social media really helps with boosting traffic to our website. We are also working on a heavy blog outreach campaign as well. The blog outreach campaign will not be completed until the end of this month. My hope is that the campaign will increase our website’s domain authority.

You may ask yourself, “What is involved in the experiment?”

The key to the experiment is to build a strong on line presence for allshousedesigns.com. The big part of the experiment is to build fresh and free content for our market to help them learn about the company and the services we provide. The other part is external and internal SEO concepts. This includes Google web-master tools, Google analytics, keyword analysis, weekly SEO analysis, market research, back-links, press releases, blogging outreach, reviews, pay per click ads and social media.

We have found that using these concepts in unison creates quite a bit of traffic. It’s a lot of work, but we feel that the results of the experiment will pan out. We are currently looking for more vendors to provide services and concepts that are mentioned above. Feel free to contact us to pitch your service to us.


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A hand holding a sign that read update
A hand holding a sign that read update